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A Tradition of Compassion and Results: Eastfield Home of Benevolence

Since 1867 when the Eastfield Home of Benevolence opened its doors, we have been dedicated to helping children in crisis and their families. Eastfield began as an orphanage in San Jose providing shelter, care and education for local homeless youth.  Mirroring the history of the child welfare system, Eastfield evolved from an orphanage to residential treatment center in the 1950s. 

The agency continued to grow from that single orphanage to a statewide agency offering a range of community-based programs to children and families. Its rich history involves an evolution and blending of best practices. In 1987, Eastfield merged with Ming Quong to become Eastfield Ming Quong (later, EMQ Children & Family Services). Further mergers included Giarretto, Hollygrove and FamiliesFirst.

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