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Hollygrove: Once Home to Marilyn Monroe, Helping Abused, At-Risk Kids Today

Young Norma Jean Baker (Marilyn Monroe)

Hollygrove – the Los Angeles division of EMQ FamiliesFirst – was founded in 1880 as the Los Angeles Orphans Home Society. Since its inception, Hollygrove has cared for more than 20,000 orphaned and emotionally wounded children who were in crisis and had nowhere else to turn. In 1912, Hollygrove moved from downtown LA to the “country” - a 3.5-acre campus inHollywooddonated by Senator Cornelius Cole, adjacent to the Paramount lot. One well-known resident, Norma Jean Baker (Marilyn Monroe) came to live at Hollygrove in 1935 when she was nine years old.

From the late 1950’s until 2005, Hollygrove provided residential services for abused or neglected children in the foster care system. Some were born addicted to drugs, experienced sexual and physical abuse, and had witnessed violence at home or in their neighborhoods. Hollygrove provided a warm, family-type environment where children could recover from trauma. At any one time up to 68 children were housed at our campus inHollywood.

In 2006, Hollygrove merged with EMQ FamiliesFirst, creating a statewide children’s agency. Today, Hollygrove provides intensive counseling and crisis intervention services to children in their homes, at school and on our campus in Hollywood. We’re now able to help these children before they’re removed from their families or help them reintegrate into their communities when they return from out-of-home placement. To complement our mental health services we offer unique programs funded entirely by charitable donations. These include: Camp Hollygrove, Endless Summer (a therapeutic after school program), and Family Finding.

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