EMQ FamiliesFirst Help and Hope for Kids in Crisis

Working Ourselves Out of a Job

We’d like to obsolete ourselves out of the job that we do.

We envision a California where the cycles of abuse and economic severity are broken and healed…

…a time when every child has a safe and loving home, a place to thrive and grow and learn…

…where every child can laugh again.

While that may be our big dream, our commitment to children never changes. How we help them must. What we do and how we do it are constantly evolving and always anchored in therapeutically-proven best practices. We’ve led successful efforts to reform child welfare and mental health services in California by pioneering innovative programs such as Wraparound, Intensive Treatment Foster Care and Family Finding

We also participated in efforts to develop and pass groundbreaking legislation such as Proposition 63, the Mental Health Services Act, which funds a number of vital early intervention programs and services for children. Through these and other initiatives, we are recognized across the nation for family centered programs that help children recover from crisis and rebuild their lives.

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