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Summer Offers Opportunities to Help Kids

Saying goodbye to summer is always bittersweet. Kids are back in school and life picks up speed. But before the busy-ness of fall really takes over we want to share the great moments of summer camp and some other special activities.

Summer provides an extra and essential opportunity to work with the children and teens in our programs: to offer safe and healing emotional environments, continue to teach them skills and tools for coping and relating, and to provide mentors who can role model healthy behaviors. It’s also a time to have fun in a non-threatening place and learn to be confident in who they are.

Camps and summer activities also allow staff to observe and work with children in natural settings, outside of individual or family sessions. They can observe and directly respond to peer interactions.

Camp Hollygrove in our Los Angeles Region ran weekly through the summer for about 50 kids a week. They got to participate in their own Olympics and in team-building activities. In theFresno area teens had cool and educational canoe trips.

For kids in our Davis residential program, two weeks of Olympic activities meant visits by two-time Olympic gold medalist Ruthie Bolton and by city ofDavis mayor Joe Krovoza. Children and teens inSanta ClaraCounty received scholarships to attend a variety of area camps according to their interests, from sports camp to science camp.

It’s been a great summer, and we hate to see it end. Thanks to our donors who made it all possible.

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