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Wraparound: Keeping Kids Safe and at Home

This ground-breaking program wraps a protective blanket of services and support around a troubled child, providing the time and space to recover and heal while staying connected to family and community. The goal is to keep a child safe, at home and out of trouble.

In 1994, we developed the first Wraparound pilot program in California and worked to enact laws to make it available for every child who needs it. We also train other agencies throughout the state and help them start their own programs. Through this effort, Wraparound in California now enables children in crisis to safely stay in their homes and communities rather than in juvenile hall or group homes.

Each Wraparound team develops a plan focusing on the child and family’s unique strengths as well as the needs of members of the family. The Wraparound process helps families rediscover hope. Active crisis and safety planning minimize uncertainty and fear. Through Wraparound, families develop an effective support network, increase their sense of competence, acquire new skills for managing the special needs of their child and have access to the supportive resources they need to build brighter futures for themselves.


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